Privacy Policy

The information below lets you know what information is collected from you when you visit and how it’s used.

Personal Information

You collect personal information! I hear you exclaim. Don’t worry, no snooping is involved. The only personal information that is collected from you is that which you knowingly share with me.

Information Shared Through Comments
There are all types of personal information you may choose to share with me via the comments section of the blog, e.g. your name, your contact details. Comments on this blogs are made public as soon as they are published – anyone who visits this site will be able to see them. You can delete any comments you publish by clicking on the delete link located underneath your comment or you can contact me at and ask me to remove the comment which I will do, no questions asked.

Email Address
When you choose to follow this blog by email, your email address is kept so that you can be emailed blog updates. I use Feedburner to deliver these updates and you can read their privacy policy here. I will not send any other information other than blog updates to subscription emails unless you ask me to. You can unsubscribe from these email updates at any time through a link located at the bottom of each of the update emails. Your email address will not be kept after you have unsubscribed.

I will not share with any other third-parties personal information collected from you when you use this site.

Anonymous Information

Certain anonymous statistical information is collected from visitors to this blog by StatCounter, Blogger Stats and Google Analytics. This lets me see how many people visit my blog, when they visit, the links they click on, the posts they visit and the sites that are referring them to my blog. Other information is collected such as ip addresses, what browsers and operating systems visitors are using, their screen resolution etc. What do I do with this information? I just look over it and find it interesting. In the long run, it can help improve my site by letting me know what kind of posts you guys like. Cookies are sent to your computer to collect this information. You can stop these cookies from coming onto your computer by changing the settings in your internet browser.

You can check out StatCounter’s privacy policy here. Blogger Stats and Google Analytics are covered by Google's privacy policy.


I have Amazon ads and Google Adsense ads on my blog. Sometimes I will link to products sold on Amazon that I like and that I think you might be interested in. If you click on an Amazon ad or a link to Amazon on my blog and end up purchasing something, I will earn a small fee.

Sometimes Amazon or Google will send your computer a cookie to collect information so that they can personalise ads. The information they collect is anonymous and, again, you can always stop these cookies by changing your internet browser settings.  To learn more, have a read of Amazon’s Privacy Policy and Google's privacy policy.

Okay, that’s it. If you have any questions, send me an email at

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